GlamKit Press Kit


Developer: TechneGames

Release Date: Winter 2021

Platforms: iOS App Store and Google Play Store

Price: Free


Instagram: TechneGames

Twitter: Techne_Games




GlamKit is an app that makes it easy to organize your makeup and create looks. Just add the palettes in your collection, scroll through all the shades you own, and create breathtaking looks.



Future features:

If you have an idea for a feature not listed here, you can request it here.


GlamKit is made by Ariela Litvin, a solo 17-year-old developer. I have been self-taught since I started programming at 10 years old. Development of the app started when my interest in makeup began to grow. This also meant that my collection began to expand. I realized that I kept using the same few palettes for every look and allowing dust to gather on a large part of my collection. I also kept buying the same shades and then complaining I don't own that shade. So I decided to make an app that would make it easier for me to find the right colors and create looks that fully utilize my collection.


Download All Screenshots (.zip)


Download "Montserrat" Font Here

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